Market Grain with Confidence

River Valley Cooperative is here to help you take on the ups and downs of the markets.


When you work with River Valley Cooperative grain, you gain a local partner in your operation who is committed to making grain marketing and delivery as easy and efficient as possible.  

We’re a stable, financially healthy cooperative, which allows us flexibility how we work with grain customers. From timely, accurate payments to a variety of contracting options, we’ll help you do business the way you want to, when you want to. 

Do business the way that works best for you

Whether you prefer to talk directly to someone or act through your phone, we have choices for you. 

  • The online experience from River Valley Cooperative enables you to manage your grain account conveniently and proactively from your computer or phone 24-hours a day.  
  • Our full-time team of merchandisers and grain buyers are here to help you reach your grain marketing objectives. 
  • Our full-time logistics team can help with trucking needs to help you act on market opportunities. 
  • We utilize a robust quality assurance program to ensure grain meets standards.


If you’re going to capture a profitable price for your grain, it helps to have a partner who can help you navigate today’s volatile grain markets.  

We offer a variety of marketing tools, and we access numerous markets, which helps us offer you strong prices for your grain.  

Our grain contracts range from cash sales to hedge-to-arrive and more. We also offer deferred payment contracts, direct deposit of grain checks, grain hauling services and grain market insights. 

We’ll find a solution that works for your operation! 


River Valley Cooperative provides two delivery options for marketing your grain: 
  1. More than 40 million bushels of licensed storage space between our facilities in Iowa and Illinois. These include our feed milling facilities, which utilize 50,000 bushels of corn/day. 
  2. A direct-ship program to local terminals. Bushels can be delivered to several delivery points through different freight options. The same marketing options available for grain hauled into our elevators are available on direct-ship bushels. We offer multiple delivery points and can price grain delivered or as farm pick-up.


MarketEdge PM Comments

Jun 03, 2023 | River Valley
We ended the week in the green for a change.


Download the pdf document and easily compare grain bids, enabling you to plan for the day ahead.

PDF - Daily Grain Bids


Feels Like
80 F
25 %
Dew Point
41 F
30.06 inHg
E 5 mph
05:28 AM
08:32 PM

Mon 6/05

Tue 6/06

Wed 6/07

Thu 6/08

Fri 6/09


86 F

84 F

83 F

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Contact your grain originator to request a Discount Schedule. For more information on any of our grain services, contact River Valley Cooperative’s grain marketing team:


DeWitt, IA
501 East Lake St.
DeWitt, IA 52742
(563) 659-8179

Altona, IL
303 Walnut St.
Altona, IL 61414
(309) 932-2081

Bradford, IL
427 S. Peoria St.
Bradford, IL 61421
(309) 897-7491

Broadmoor, IL
1165 E 1550 North
Bradford, IL 61421

Cambridge, IL
13429 IL Highway 81
Cambridge, IL 61238
(309) 937-2435

Danville, IA
202 US-34 BUS
Danville, IA 52623
(319) 392-4510

Deer Grove, IL
28977 Arrow Road
Deer Grove, IL 61243

Dixon, IA (Seasonal)
29434 Allens Grove Road
Dixon, IA 52745
(563) 843-2115

Donahue, IA (Seasonal)
106 1st St.
Donahue, IA 52746
(563) 282-9618

Eldridge, IA
111 W. Davenport St.
Eldridge, IA 52748
(563) 285-9615

Galva, IL
1207 SE 2nd St.
Galva, IL 61434
(309) 932-2081

Manlius, IL - Office
101 1st Street
Manlius, IL 61338
(815) 445-2311

Martelle, IA
24528 Co Rd E-45
Martelle, IA 52305
(319) 482-3101

Mineral, IL
1 Main Street
Mineral, IL 61344
(309) 288-3021

Mt Joy, IA
254 E 90th St
Mt Joy, IA 52806
(563) 285-7820

Olin, IA
3897 Hwy 38
Olin, IA 52320
(319) 484-2341

Ryan, IA
800 Adams St.
Ryan, IA 52330
(563) 932-2101

Manlius, IL (Harvest Location)
20182 IL Highway 40
Sheffield, IL 61361
(815) 380-5894

Sheffield, IL (Harvest Location)
15132 Illinois Hwy 40
Sheffield, IL 61361
(815) 454-2352

Stanwood, IA (Grain - Seasonal)
1142 Hwy 30
Stanwood, IA 52337
(563) 942-3365

Walcott, IA (Seasonal)
102 S. Main St.
Walcott, IA 52773
(563) 284-6223

Sunbury, IA
2223 290th St.
Wilton, IA 52778
(563) 785-4430


Grain ACH Authorization Form

As a continuing effort to provide our customers with the most efficient service possible, River Valley Cooperative offers Direct Deposit for your grain checks. You have the option of picking up your settlement sheets or you can have them emailed to you. If you have any questions regarding this program, please call 563-285-1714.

Download PDF document: Grain ACH Authorization Form

2022 Harvest Information

Download PDF documents:

Schedules and Policies

  • Contact your grain originator to request a Discount Schedule