Advance for Inputs powered by CFA® and River Valley Cooperative

Dedicated to Your Financial Success

Quality inputs are within your reach when you finance with any of our programs through CFA® and River Valley Cooperative. As an agricultural retailer, we understand the importance of securing the right products for your operation, which is why we are dedicated to acting as your trusted advisor. 

Free-up operating cash, lock-in crop input purchases, and pay after harvest. These programs are designed to give you a cash flow advantage season after season.

2023 River Valley Cooperative Finance Programs

2023 Pick Your Rate Financing

2023 RVC Decision Financing

2023 RVC Decision Financing - For Applications 10/1 - 12/31​

Simpli-Fi Credit Application

Contact Chris Green if you would like to complete the application digitally and DocuSign.
Chris Green  – Ag Finance Director – 563-285-1739

Advance For Inputs Powered by CFA®

Utilize Advance For Inputs Powered by CFA® to navigate your seed, fertilizer and crop protection purchases from River Valley Cooperative and receive 0% Fixed Financing on all inputs purchased. In order to qualify, purchase your seed, chemical and fertilizer inputs, and sell your grain through RVC, and receive 0% Fixed Financing until December 31, 2021. AFI allows for flexibility without sacrificing any cash discounts on any product. 

CFA® Loan Limits:  

  • Up to $350,000 one-page Simpli-Fi application.

Terms:  All terms are subject to approval by Cooperative Finance Association (CFA®) and/or River Valley Cooperative (RVC).

  • 0% fixed interest rate until 12/31/2021 then CFA® Advantage Interest Rate minus 2.00% variable until maturity (3/15/2022).
  • Balance due on 3/15/2022.
  • Products must be purchased from River Valley Cooperative.
  • Buy seed, chemicals, fertilizer and sell your grain to River Valley Cooperative to be eligible.
  • If at some point the customer is no longer eligible the interest rate will go to CFA® Advantage Interest Rate minus 2.00% variable.
  • $200 Loan Closing Fee.

Other Finance Options

River Valley Cooperative has partnered with CFA® to offer 0% fixed on seed, and the CFA® Advantage Interest Rate* minus 2.00% variable on all other inputs purchased through River Valley Cooperative. 
*CFA® Advantage Interest Rate as of July 1st is 6.25%.
River Valley Cooperative also minimizes your interest expense by partnering with major chemical companies to supply you with 0% financing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is CFA®?
A: The Cooperative Finance Association, Inc. (CFA®) is an agricultural finance cooperative based in Kansas City. River Valley Cooperative and CFA® have partnered to offer farmers competitive financing products. 

Q: Where can I find the current interest rate?
A: To view the current CFA® Interest Rates click here

Q: Are the interest rates variable or fixed?
A: 0% is fixed until 12-31-2021 and all other rates are variable.

Q: Where do I send paperwork or payments?
A: River Valley Cooperative, C/O Chris Green or Sarah Meyer - P.O. Box 256, Eldridge, IA 52748 

Q: I need an extension, what do I need to do?
A: Please contact Chris Green at (563) 285-1739 and he will be glad to assist you. 

Q: Do I have to deliver all of my grain to River Valley Cooperative elevators? 
A: No, direct ship bushels through RVC to any of our partnered end users qualifies you for AFI powered by CFA®. 

Q: Which seed brands are available?

For more information on any of our services, contact the River Valley Cooperative team.

Chris Green - Mt  Joy – Ag Finance Director
563-285-1739 (Office)

Kale Petersen - Mt  Joy – Regional Sales Manager
563-285-1736 (Office)

Sam Lowers - Manlius – Regional Sales Manager
563-285-1737 (Office)