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Let the professionals at River Valley Cooperative shoulder the responsibility when it comes to your needs for propane, refined fuels and quality oils and lubricants.  

  • Our monitored service will keep your propane tank full, so you never need to check the level or worry about running out. 

  • We provide flexible contracts suited to your needs, which don’t require money down. 

  • Our premium fuels contain additives to minimize downtime and maintenance costs, while maximizing productivity. 

  • Our full-time account managers are ready and available in eastern Iowa and western Illinois – Boots On the Ground Year-Round!  

  • For more information about our energy solutions or to order propane contact: 800-730-2838.

  • For a propane emergency, call: 563-357-0816. This number is for emergencies only. River Valley Cooperative does not service appliances, furnaces, propane fireplaces, or water heaters. Please call a certified technician/appliance repair person for this type of service.


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River Valley Cooperative provides dependable service and a variety of propane contract options, so you can rest assured your home and business will remain fueled all year long. 

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River Valley Cooperative offers a variety of bulk fuel options. Customers choose the delivery and contract options that work best for them, no matter the products needed. You can count on us to keep your operations running 365 days a year.

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River Valley Cooperative has partnered with RILCO, a local supplier, to provide customers access to premium oils, fluids, and other products.

Energy Update | February 26

- Crude is up $0.54 at $77/bbl; RBOB and ULSD are both up five cents on the day.  Both U.S. and European oil prices declined this past Friday due to an increase in U.S. inventories and news of negotiations for a possible ceasefire in the oil-producing region.

- The U.S. and its allies struck multiple targets in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen on Saturday, responding to increased attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea. Targets included underground weapons storage sites, missile storage facilities, air defenses, and one-way attack unmanned aerial systems.

- The concern that the Fed may delay interest rate cuts contributed to the energy slide last week. Recent inflation data has not met the Fed’s target of 2%, which means interest rates will most likely remain higher for several more months.

- It is worth noting that Citigroup analysts warned of a potential substantial weakening of oil prices as the year progresses, citing increased output and easing temporary supply headwinds. The latest data shows that U.S. oil production matched a record high of 13.3 million b/d, and the number of operating oil rigs in the U.S. increased by six, indicating increased activity in the oil patch.

- The barrels that would normally be exported this month from the Atlantic Coast and the Gulf Coast have dropped from 11.4 million barrels to around 6.6 million barrels, exacerbating the supply crunch in Europe.  Keeping barrels home and building our inventory with spring coming will help with the rising demand.

- Weather forecasts continue to show above-normal temperatures for the next several weeks, lowering propane demand.  The current propane to crude value has continued to fall from its recent peak and is now at 43.8%.  Helping to lower the percentage is the recent crude uptick.