Refined Fuels

Look to us for bulk delivery of premium Cenex fuels.


River Valley Cooperative offers a variety of bulk fuel options. You choose the delivery and contract options that work best for your situation.  

Our account managers are here to provide market insight, pricing, and contracting options. They ensure your needs are met all year long.

Service, delivery, and monitoring 

Our hybrid delivery model offers two delivery options to ensure we meet your optimal delivery timeframe and business needs.

Fuel delivery service comes from River Valley Cooperative or our Cenex partnership with the Automated Fuel Delivery (AFD) program. With either option, you can be confident you will not run out of fuel.

Take the guesswork out of checking tanks and placing orders, and use our tank monitors.

Customer Portal 

Energy account information is at your fingertips in the Customer Portal. Enjoy the ease of doing business with River Valley Cooperative as you are able to read and sign contracts, view delivery tickets, invoices, statements, yearly summaries, and pay invoices.


We proudly offer Cenex-brand fuels, including: 

  • Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster premium diesel for off-road use 
  • Cenex Roadmaster XL premium diesel for on-road use 
  • Cenex TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline  


Get the most out of your equipment by using our premium diesel fuels. These proven products have been shown to restore power by 4.5%, restore fuel economy by 5%, and clean injectors and boost lubricity to reduce costly downtime.  


With 2 ½ times more detergent than regular fuel, Cenex TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline maximizes performance and efficiency for a cleaner engine and fewer trips to the mechanic. It’s like a tune-up with every fill-up!