Winter Diesel Fuel Blending Notification

Oct 10, 2023

With cold weather fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your winter diesel fuel needs. At River Valley Cooperative, we believe incorporating Cold Flow Improver (CFI) and #1 diesel into your fuel when ambient air temperatures approach 40° F is appropriate to ensure cold weather protection.
Based on current weather projections, we will start blending Cold Flow Improver into the diesel fuel delivered to your tank on November 6, 2023. CFI is formulated to extend the operability of the fuel by an average of 15° F.
If you plan on operating in temperatures below 15° F, #1 diesel should be blended into your tank. If your tank was blended with #1 last year, we would automatically blend down your tank to the same ratio as last year. If you are a new customer or want to start having your tank blended, please call our Energy Office at (800) 738-2838 or your Energy Account Manager.
If you do not want CFI blended into your diesel fuel or need to request/change winter blending options, don't hesitate to contact the Energy Office at (800) 738-2838 or your River Valley Energy Account Manager by October 23, 2023.
As a reminder, we have contracting options available for your fuel needs. Please get in touch with your account manager to discuss ways to limit your risk.
Iowa north of Highway 30 and Illinois north of 88: Tim Swamberger – Phone: (563) 221-3308  
Iowa south of Hwy 30: Gary Carpenter – Phone: (563) 299-0466 
Illinois south of 88: Gregory Thede – Phone: (309) 714-2596
We appreciate your business and look forward to serving your energy needs. 
Your River Valley Cooperative Energy Team

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