Boost Your Corn and Soybean Yields with Fungicide

Jul 01, 2024

Fungal diseases are a significant threat to corn and soybean crops, causing substantial yield losses if left unchecked. Common diseases include gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, and southern rust in corn, as well as frogeye leaf spot, Asian soybean rust, and Cercospora leaf blight in soybeans. These diseases can reduce photosynthesis, weaken plant health, and ultimately lead to lower yields and poorer quality crops.
Delaro Fungicide: Broad-Spectrum Protection
Delaro fungicide is known for its broad-spectrum disease control, offering protection against a wide range of fungal diseases. Here are some key benefits:

Two active ingredients, prothioconazole and trifloxystrobin, are combine which work together to provide protection against both fungal pathogens and resistance development. This dual-mode of action provides strong protection.
Delaro offers extended protection, ensuring your crops remain healthy throughout critical growth stages with long-lasting residual control.

By controlling diseases, Delaro helps maintain overall plant health, leading to improved photosynthesis and nutrient uptake, which can translate into higher yields.
Delaro Complete: Comprehensive Disease Management
Delaro Complete takes the benefits of Delaro a step further by offering even broader disease control and improved efficacy:

Three active ingredients—prothioconazole, fluopyram, and trifloxystrobin are combined to provide a triple mode of action. This combination provides a comprehensive approach to disease management, targeting a wider range of fungal pathogens.

The triple-mode of action helps mitigate the risk of resistance development, ensuring long-term effectiveness.
Delaro Complete not only protects against diseases but also promotes overall plant health, resulting in higher-quality crops that can command better market prices.
Veltyma Fungicide: Next-Generation Disease Control
Representing the latest advancement in disease control for corn and soybean crops, Veltyma offers unmatched efficacy and plant health benefits:

Veltyma contains Revysol® fungicide, an innovative active ingredient that provides superior control of key fungal diseases and is highly effective against resistant strains.
Veltyma is quickly absorbed by the plant, providing rapid disease control and long-lasting protection throughout critical growth stages.

In addition to disease control, Veltyma enhances plant health by improving stress tolerance, photosynthesis, and overall vigor, which can lead to higher yields and better crop quality.
Maximizing the Benefits of Fungicide Use
To fully capitalize on the benefits of Delaro, Delaro Complete, and Veltyma fungicides, consider the following tips:
Apply fungicides at the first sign of disease or as a preventive measure during critical growth stages – timing is key. Early application can prevent the spread of fungal pathogens and protect your yield potential.

Ensure thorough coverage of the plant foliage to maximize the fungicide's effectiveness. Proper application techniques and equipment calibration are essential. Always follow the label instructions for application rates, intervals, and safety precautions to achieve the best results and maintain compliance with regulations.

Incorporating Delaro, Delaro Complete, and Veltyma fungicides into your crop management plan can provide significant benefits for your corn and soybean crops. These powerful fungicides offer broad-spectrum disease control, enhanced plant health, and improved yield potential, helping you achieve a more successful and profitable harvest. By taking proactive steps to protect your crops from fungal diseases, you can ensure the long-term health and productivity of your farming operation.

For more information on these fungicides and how they can benefit your crops, visit the Customer Portal or visit with your Account Manager.

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Jun 25, 2024
Cedar/Scott County, IA
Eastern Iowa has received 2 to 4 inches of rain over the last week. Between rain showers, growers and retailers have found time to near the end of soybean post-spraying and top dress urea. Corn is growing fast with plenty of heat and moisture. Diseases have started to show up as well and we have already seen gray leaf spot, rust, and tar spot. Y-drop applications have started and should continue in the next few weeks. Soybeans that haven’t been post-sprayed have weeds that are getting some size. Make sure to use herbicide rates that are high enough to prevent having to respond later.
Jun 10, 2024
Cedar/Scott County, IA
Over the last two weeks, our run of moisture has continued in Eastern Iowa. Corn postemergence applications are nearing the end as we approach the start of postemergence soybean applications. Corn topdress urea applications are in full force as the early planted corn approaches V8-V9. There have been quite a few fields of corn showing sulfur deficiency, but overall, our corn crop should be classified as good/excellent. There have been pockets here and there of hail damage where growers did need to replant. Looking at the extended forecast, we should expect some excellent growing conditions for our corn and soybeans in the coming weeks. 
Jun 05, 2024
In the dynamic world of agriculture, maximizing crop yields while maintaining soil health and minimizing environmental impact is a constant challenge. Take Off LS, a plant growth regulator, has emerged as a powerful ally for corn and soybean farmers. This innovative product promotes healthier, more robust plants that ultimately lead to increased productivity.
May 28, 2024
Cedar/Scott County
With 99% of planting completed post herbicide applications have started. While the wet weather has held sprayers off for the time being, it looks like we will get a window in the next week to make most of those applications. Corn has been growing rapidly as we are roughly 100 GDUs ahead of average since April 15th. Pre herbicides should be active with the rain we’ve received but don’t let the lack of weeds prevent you from making that post herbicide application. Continue scouting for early season disease pressure as we continue to have ideal conditions for disease growth. 
May 13, 2024
Cedar/Scott County, Iowa
Eastern Iowa has been able to get the majority of the crop in the ground in between rain showers. Planting progress is sitting roughly 90% on corn and 60%-70% on soybeans. Early planted corn emerged in 7-10 days thanks to warm temps and ample moisture. One thing to watch this spring is insects and disease pressure being higher than usual due to the mild winter. We have seen that firsthand in our alfalfa crop locally with the alfalfa weevil causing early season damage before the first cutting. Make sure to scout your hay crop if you haven’t and contact your local rep if a insecticide application is needed.