River Valley Cooperative Welcomes 2022 Interns

Jun 13, 2022

River Valley Cooperative Welcomes 2022 Interns
River Valley Cooperative is thrilled to welcome our 2022 summer interns and work alongside the next generation of talent this summer! Our interns make an immediate impact by helping provide the expertise, products, and services farmers need to grow food to help feed the world. From taking field samples and making sales calls to operating equipment, our internship provides an inside look at the daily work that takes place within our agronomy, energy, feed, and grain business units. Interns experience hands-on, real-world experiences that equip them to succeed as they return to classrooms and continue building their careers. 
Cole Claussen  
Agronomy Sales Intern 
Internship Location: DeWitt, IA  

Cole Claussen grew up on a family farming operation in Bettendorf, Iowa, raising row crops and beef cattle. He was a North Scott FFA Chapter member and involved in his local 4-H Club.  Cole will be starting his junior year of college at Iowa State University in the fall. He is majoring in Agricultural Business with minors in Animal Science and Agronomy. He is a member of the Iowa State University Agriculture Business Club, Farm Operations Club, and Block & Bridle.  

Throughout Cole's internship here at River Valley Cooperative, he hopes to improve his knowledge about crops to help prepare him for his future career in the agriculture industry.  

Neil Frank  
Agronomy Sales Intern 
Internship Location: Sperry, IA  

Neil Frank has been employed part-time at River Valley Cooperative for the past year at the Sperry location, and this summer, he joins the 2022 Internship Team as an Agronomy Sales Intern.  
Currently, Neil is a student at Southeastern Community College studying Agricultural Business. He grew up on his family's row crop farming operation in Oakville, Iowa. Neil actively participates in Iowa Farm Bureau events and is a member of his local FFA Chapter.  Neil enjoys fishing, deer hunting, and working on his family's farm when he is not working at his internship with River Valley Cooperative.  
By participating in the River Valley Cooperative Internship program, Neil hopes to gain a more comprehensive understanding of row crop management.  

Alexis Moeller 
Agronomy Sales Intern 
Internship Location: Sunbury, IA 

Alexis Moeller grew up on an acreage in Muscatine, Iowa, and spent much of her childhood showing livestock and being an active member of her 4-H Club and FFA Chapter.  Alexis is majoring in Agricultural Business with a Supply Chain Management Option at Iowa State University. She is a member of the Agriculture Business Club at Iowa State, which is currently ranked as the number one Agriculture Businesses Club!  
When Alexis is not in the field interning with River Valley Cooperative, you can find her enjoying the warm weather, golfing, traveling, or showing her livestock.  
Alexis hopes to learn about the retail side of Iowa crop production from this internship. She also understands the River Valley Cooperative is a diversified four-unit operation specializing in agronomy, feed, grain, and energy. She hopes this internship will also provide her with better insight into all River Valley's operation sectors.  

Hailey Rossmiller  
Marketing Intern  
Internship Location: Central Office  

Hailey Rossmiller is originally from Eldridge, Iowa. Even though she did not grow up on a farm, she developed her passion for the agriculture industry by being involved in 4-H and FFA. Hailey is currently a student at Iowa State University, double majoring in Agricultural Communications and Animal Science. She is an active member of the Sigma Alpha Agricultural Sorority and is a College Agriculture & Life Sciences Ambassador. Hailey is also the Scholarship Committee Chair for the Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow Club. When she is not participating in student organizations at school, she is either working in Iowa State Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering office, studying for classes, or hanging out with friends.  
During the summer, when Hailey is not interning with River Valley Cooperative, you can typically find her spending time with family, and friends or out at the barn riding her horse, Bob.  
Hailey hopes to better understand the career she wishes to pursue in the agriculture industry after graduation from this internship, whether in agricultural marketing, communication, sales, or Iowa State Extension.  

Dawson Schulenberg 
Agronomy Sales Intern 
Internship Location: Geneseo, IL  

Dawson Schulenberg is originally from Orion, Illinois, but he recently moved to Port Byron, Illinois, a few years ago. He does not have a background in agriculture, but he's excited to be a part of the River Valley Cooperative Internship Team this summer.  
Dawson Schulenberg is a student at the University of Wisconsin Platteville, majoring in Agriculture Business with an emphasis on management. Dawson likes to hunt and enjoy the great outdoors in his free time. From this internship, Dawson hopes to gain some hands-on experiences that the university classrooms cannot provide.  

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