Maximize Crops & Yield with Take Off LS

Jun 14, 2022

Maximize Crops & Yield with Take Off LS

Are you looking for a way to increase profit and maximize yields this growing season? Maximize your crops and yield with Take Off LS.

This nitrogen fertilizer manager utilizes the newest nutrient management technology to produce stronger and healthier plants. Take Off LS is versatile and can be used on both corn and soybeans. It is also able to be applied multiple times throughout the growing season, however, it is recommended that it is applied at the same time as a fungicide application for the best results.

Not only does Take Off LS lead to stronger and healthier plants but it also enhances nutrient efficiency and increases yields. Dustin Hoeft, River Valley Cooperative’s Agronomy Business Manager, states,  “It allows the plant to be more robust, taller, and greener; ultimately leading to more yield at the end of the growing season.”  

In 2021, River Valley Cooperative completed a trial on both corn and soybean fields where Take Off LS was applied. Eleven trials were completed on corn while eight trials were completed on soybeans. On average, fields that had Take Off LS applied had higher yields during harvest. Corn has a sizable increase of four bushels per acre while similarly, soybeans had an increase of just over three bushels per acre.

Additionally, River Valley Cooperative's Agronomy Product Manager, Matt Boeckmann, declares that, “Take Off LS increases nutrient uptake and delivers consistent yield increases for corn and soybeans.”  

If you have any questions related to Take Off LS, please contact a River Valley Cooperative account manager, or shop online in the Customer Portal now, 

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