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May 05, 2023

(Allison Ryan)

Grains closed higher today, with July corn closing up 7½ and new crop up 6¼. Old crop beans closed up 18¾ and November beans were up 11½. Wheat was also higher.
  • Technical buying pushed commodities higher today
  • Wheat led as tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalated and the possibility of the Black Sea grain deal may expire later on in May
  • Rainfall is called across much of the corn belt this weekend through beginning of next week, with the extended forecast predicted to be wetter and warmer than normal
  • China earlier this week purchased corn from South America, making a statement of diversifying their origination of grain
  • Between net cancellations of exports, corn getting in the ground in a timely fashion, and Brazil’s safrinha crop coming down the line, there’s not a lot of positive news in the corn market
  • Brazil expects to have 443.9 m bu of beans exported in May, which would be better than last year’s May exports
  • The Dow was up, as well as crude, and the Dollar was softer
Be prepared to make sales and offers through the spring planting and growing season – talk to your originator about utilizing options to lock in a floor and leave some upside open.
Have a great weekend.

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