Achieve New Heights on the Farm

Capitalize on ag technology to capture environmental and economic benefits.


It’s essential to have goals for your farming operation – whether for agronomics, economics, or sustainability. River Valley Cooperative created our Decision Ag team to help you reach whatever goals you want to achieve in these areas. 

We employ experienced, full-time specialists to work with you on crafting a plan for your operation based on your goals. They do so by analyzing and interpreting data from precision agriculture technologies to make decisions and measure improvements in your operation. 

The objective is to create a plan that drives profitability and sustainability through improved productivity and efficiency.

Decision Elite

River Valley Cooperative's Decision Elite platform is designed for progressive growers who are interested in executing specially designed nutrient management strategies on their operations. 

River Valley Cooperative's ultimate goal is to provide growers with the information, nutrition, and education to propel them to achieve greatness in their operation. The Decision Elite program is a excellent fit for those who are interested in managing every acre. 


Whether you’re just beginning or you’ve been using precision ag practices for years, we help you take full advantage of today’s technology. Count on River Valley Cooperative for: 

  • Variable-rate fertilizer. We can assist with lime, nitrogen, and dry fertilizer prescriptions and applications.

  • Variable-rate seeding prescriptions. We can assist with variable-rate population and hybrid seeding for your planting equipment. 

  • Mapping services. We utilize Agvance SKY Mapping for soil maps. These maps display data from soil samples collected by our partner SoilView and analyzed by Midwest Laboratories. We also bring in maps for yields, field boundaries, tile lines, compaction, GIS recordkeeping, data overlays, and more. 


Not every “latest and greatest” that comes along will be right for every operation. But one new service we offer that shows great potential is soil DNA.  

This specialized program tests for DNA in a soil sample. Analysis of the sample can then measure the amount of pathogen attributes in the soil, such as corn rootworm, soybean cyst nematode and sudden death syndrome. With a clear understanding of what pest pressures are in the soil, we can develop management strategies to handle them. 

The DNA test can also tell us other attributes of the soil, including the level of biological diversity, denitrification risk, soybean nitrogen fixation and phosphorous solubilization.  

Talk to a Decision Ag Specialist for more information on this exciting new technology. 


  • Nutrient recommendations, including phosphorus, potassium and lime  
  • Nitrogen recommendations and equations 
  • One-off prescriptions for variable rate seeding, including multiple hybrids 
  • Imagery, including drone 
  • Data management, including working with growers on monitor set ups, data collection and map creation


Sustainability can be defined differently depending on who’s talking. So, it can be hard to determine exactly what direction is most beneficial for a farm. But River Valley Cooperative is here to help provide answers and solutions to help you walk down the sustainability path. 

We are innovating for the future to help our farmers find sustainable solutions to protect vital natural resources, including soil and water. Our agronomy team, including Decision Ag Specialists, can advise you on the benefits of cover crops and other management techniques that have proven benefits for the soil and crops. 

We rely on Truterra, the leading farmer-driven ag and food sustainability program in the U.S. With Truterra, you can better manage the required data to access carbon markets.


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