Decision Elite

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Decision Elite

River Valley Cooperative is excited to launch Decision Elite. 

This premier platform is designed for progressive growers who are interested in executing specially designed nutrient management strategies on their operations. 

River Valley Cooperative's ultimate goal is to provide growers with the information, nutrition, and education to propel them to achieve greatness in their operation. The Decision Elite program is a excellent fit for those who are interested in managing every acre. 

Members of the Decision Elite platform have the opportunity to learn from industry professionals, work with the River Valley Cooperative management team, and implement designed nutrient programs on their farming operations. 

Growers will benefit from: 

  • Private grower meetings
  • Yield Max program 
  • RVC Sustain program
  • Will commit 40 acres to the RVC nutrition plan.
  • Purchase RVC seed

For more information on the program, please contact Matt Van Sloten, Decision Ag Lead, 563.370.3328.