Agronomy news and promotions Agronomy
Each year, I look forward to the analysis that generates average values for beef traits.
Make sure you are taking the steps to keep your animals safe and healthy this winter.
Good beef prices give herd owners a chance to upgrade pastures to remove toxic fescue.
Farmers using center pivot irrigation should pay special attention this year to make sure the system has plenty of clearance.
University of Illinois researchers have developed four yield-sensing approaches.
A calving book is a book that allows producers to write down the tag number they put in the calf to record the date of birth as close as possible.
Sorghum growers may find white sugarcane aphids gumming up harvest equipment and reducing yields this fall.
A big shout out to our Eldridge, IA location employees.

Energy news and promotions Energy
Energy News
A big shout out to our Eldridge, IA location employees.
Plummeting gasoline prices over the past couple of months are expected to remain low through at least the spring.
Lowering oil prices may slow down oil production in North Dakota's Bakken.
Plummeting gasoline prices are the result of lagging economic growth in many parts of the world, the end of the summer driving season, less expensive winter gasoline and well-functioning Midwest refineries.
Domestic ethanol production for 2014 totaled a record 14.15 billion gallon.
Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a set of regulatory definitions and provisions and a list of 49 low-risk biofuel plants from which growers can choose.
Price of gas this summer should stay below $4 per gallon in the Midwest barring any distribution of supply.
The new Farm Bill increases funding for energy conservation practice implementation. MSU Extension programs target dairy farmers who want to implement energy conservation practices to reduce energy costs.

Feed news and promotions Feed
Feed News
Developing plans to allocate the livestock feed available from pasture resources is essential to optimize pasture use and minimize associated costs.
Dairy producers need to find the balance between feeding too little and too much.
A Texas A&M AgriLife Research study determined the biggest factor in corn silage quality is water.
A big shout out to our Eldridge, IA location employees.
Adding some alfalfa hay to a low-quality feed base will make supplementing the ration easier.
Many co-products from the corn processing industry may be used in diets fed to pigs.
The first and greatest cost is maintaining the cow inventory.
Genetic decisions have always been important, but the stakes have never been higher than they are now.

Grain news and promotions Grain
Grain News
In some years, the former Soviet Union is up to 24 percent of the world trade. This almost compares with adding the equivalent of two times the exports of Canada onto the world market.
A big shout out to our Eldridge, IA location employees.
Stocks of U.S. soybeans at the end of the current marketing year are expected to be at an eight-year high.
Higher grain temperatures reduce the amount of time grain can be stored.
It’s the season for developing corn balance sheet projections for the upcoming marketing year.
Price expectations for this five-year period play a central role in the decision farmers will make regarding the farm bill.
Following the Jan.12 USDA Crop Production and Grain Stocks reports, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the story in corn and soybean markets for the foreseeable future will be the ongoing pace of consumption.
University of Illinois economist discusses the estimates and forecasts for corn and their price implications.

Grain Notes
Grain Notes: 3/2/2015
The soybean market was higher overnight but ended the day session 12-18 cents lower. While the trucker strike in Brazil is not officially over, formal negotiations between the Brazilian government and freight representatives have scheduled to meet on March 10th.

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