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If you’re going to take full advantage of high grain prices, it helps to have a partner who can help you navigate today’s volatile grain markets.

Count on River Valley Cooperative for basis contracts, minimum price contracts, hedge-to-arrive contracts, price-later contracts, priced-forward contracts, deferred payment contracts, direct deposit of grain checks, grain hauling services, and grain market insights.

River Valley provides two grain delivery options for marketing your grain, including:

  • More than 27 million bushels of licensed storage space at our 14 elevator locations. Our facilities at Olin, Dewitt, Ryan, and Martelle are equipped with 15,000 to 30,000 bushels per hour of receiving capacity. Two locations (Galva and Sunbury) are connected with feed mills that utilize 25,000 bushels of corn per day. 
  • A direct-ship program that allows you to ship grain to local terminals. Bushels can be delivered to a number of delivery points through different freight options. The same marketing options that are available for grain hauled into our elevators are also available on direct-ship bushels. We offer multiple delivery points and can price the grain either delivered or as farm pick-up.
  • If you’re going to take full advantage of high grain prices, it helps to have a partner who can help you navigate today’s volatile grain markets.

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Change Location
Delivery Date Futures Price Futures Month Basis Cash Price Futures Change
@C0U -0.0600 3.1050 08/03/2020 6:20:00 AM CST
@C0Z -0.1000 3.1725 08/03/2020 6:19:00 AM CST
@C0Z -0.2200 3.0525 08/03/2020 6:19:00 AM CST
@C0Z -0.0900 3.1825 08/03/2020 6:19:00 AM CST
@C0Z -0.0800 3.1925 08/03/2020 6:19:00 AM CST
Delivery Date Futures Price Futures Month Basis Cash Price Futures Change
@S0Q 0.0300 9.0425 08/03/2020 3:44:00 AM CST
@S0X -0.0200 8.9525 08/03/2020 6:20:00 AM CST
@S0X -0.0900 8.8825 08/03/2020 6:20:00 AM CST
@S0X 0.0500 9.0225 08/03/2020 6:20:00 AM CST
@S1F -0.0300 9.0000 08/03/2020 6:20:00 AM CST
@S1H -0.2000 8.8100 08/03/2020 6:19:00 AM CST


Symbol Last Open Close High Low Change
Sep '20 @C0U 3.1650 3.1500 3.1700 3.1500 0.0050
Dec '20 @C0Z 3.2725 3.2600 3.2800 3.2600 0.0025
Mar '21 @C1H 3.3900 3.3750 3.3950 3.3750 0.0075
Aug '20 @S0Q 9.0125 8.9850 9.0300 8.9625 0.0375
Sep '20 @S0U 8.9400 8.9025 8.9625 8.8900 0.0375
Nov '20 @S0X 8.9725 8.9250 8.9975 8.9125 0.0475
Aug '20 @SM0Q 288.5 288.8 288.8 288.5 -0.8
Sep '20 @SM0U 290.2 291.1 291.6 290.2 -1.0
Oct '20 @SM0V 292.6 293.4 293.6 292.6 -0.8
Sep '20 @W0U 5.2450 5.2700 5.2825 5.2400 -0.0675
Dec '20 @W0Z 5.3175 5.3450 5.3575 5.3150 -0.0700
Aug '20 @LE0Q 102.825 102.200 102.825 103.150 101.750 1.100
Oct '20 @LE0V 107.875 106.800 107.875 108.000 106.350 1.125
Aug '20 @HE0Q 52.000 51.250 52.000 52.100 51.100 0.575
Oct '20 @HE0V 49.625 48.050 49.625 49.825 47.875 1.300
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Select Pricing Program Bi-Weekly Updates
John Stewart & Associates, July 24, 2020 Comments
Weather has turned out to be largely cooperative the last 2 weeks after a feared hot/dry forecast caused about 3 days of excitement surrounding the June 30th acreage report. We do hear of some minor pockets of dryness in the east as well as west-central IA, but in talking with clients in those areas the concerns are relatively modest right now and an inch of rain would go a long way to establishing a trendline yield crop.  In the areas that have gotten rain above trend crops are certainly in the cards given what we see today.  At this point we would not be surprised to see state records for corn yields in MN, SD, IA, NE, and WI.  In Illinois there is bit more of a mixed bag with some very good looking crops and some that are just average the further south you get.  At this point our feeling is that the national average yield could be closer to the 180-182 range as long as no severe weather surprises develop in August.
Starting on June 29th corn had a 3 day rally that ran 35 cents and within just 8 trading days gave back all but a nickel of the rally.  It is our view that this was the full extent of the corn seasonal rally this year.  The high for December corn during this mini-rally was 3.63 and it is our view this will remain the high through harvest.  The Dec corn low currently stands at 3.22 set on 6/26/20.  It is our view that this low may not hold as we get deeper into August.  We continue to see too many bushels with the producer on Open Storage, DP, and Basis that need to be priced by the end of August in most cases.  These pricings will likely pressure the market into new lows as has been the theme the past couple years.  I hate to say it, but the bullishness in the corn and soybean market frankly weigh so heavily on one thing – China..  China has been on a buying spree of US agricultural products and it is our opinion that they really need these grains and meats due to low domestic supply.  And, during the Sep-Dec period the US is the primary supplier for China to buy from.  Unfortunately, outside of China’s recent buying there is little bullish in these markets.  Coronavirus worries remain high and have demand outlooks leaning negative.  Ethanol production for next year looks a little optimistic given demand at 85-90% of normal for the foreseeable future.  And lastly, we feel it is likely that the USDA will increase production (yield) in the August WASDE report based on conditions in key growing states.  There may be a bit more short term optimism in soybeans assuming China continues to buy large quantities seemingly every day.  The high on Nov beans since this winter is 9.125 set on 7/6/2020.  Technically, we have not closed above the SX 200 day moving average since Jan 23rd.  If we could manage to do that soon we could see another run in soybeans towards the 9.25 area.
JSA Select position summary:
We went to 100% sold on corn for all new crop positions before the June 30th report.  When you factor in all option trading leading up to that point in time we established a 1 year fall corn price of 3.48 and a 2 year fall corn price of 3.58.  We have looked at re-ownership strategies during the growing season since then and simply feel that there is not enough upside in this timeframe to make any bold purchases.  IF we see a major selloff soon that re-ownership trade may have more appeal, but we would need to see December corn make new lows to consider.  When looking at our winter and summer deliver programs we are certainly looking at re-ownership strategies in August and September to capitalize on a potential post-harvest rally.  In the 2 year fall 2021 program we entered into an option strategy that will collect premium into the fall with prices between $3.10 and $3.65.  This strategy will also collect premium via a 310 Dec 20 put in the event of a sharp selloff.  The idea behind this trade is that if we see Dec 2020 corn trade above 3.65 then Dec 2021 will be near $4.00 and we would simply exit the option strategy and sell futures.  This strategy was done versus 100% of the 2 year 2021 corn volume. 
In soybeans we are 50% sold at 8.60 with the 1 year program and 8.63 in the 2 year fall position.  We will be completing those positions very soon as we wait and see if Nov beans could manage a close above the 200 day moving average.  But our patience is pretty thin with this trade.  We want to give credit to Chinese business and strong basis, as well as inverted spreads.  But the board seems to have little interest in moving much higher at the moment.
KC wheat has had some recent volatility, but we have little interest at this point in establish an initial hedge below $5 July 2021
Brent Baker
John Stewart & Associates


River Valley Cooperative's MarketEdge Program 

Our program is designed to provide grain producers flexible pricing programs and delivery options based on the needs of your farming operation. Utilize futures and basis contracting to support pricing opportunities on grain marketing.  

We offer transportation and logistics support for timely and cost effective delivery to market.  In addition, utilize technology services aimed to improve the communication, execution and recordkeeping of your grain marketing supported by your Grain Marketing Team.  

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