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If you’re going to take full advantage of high grain prices, it helps to have a partner who can help you navigate today’s volatile grain markets.

Count on River Valley Cooperative for basis contracts, minimum price contracts, hedge-to-arrive contracts, price-later contracts, priced-forward contracts, deferred payment contracts, direct deposit of grain checks, grain hauling services, and grain market insights.

River Valley provides two grain delivery options for marketing your grain, including:

  • More than 27 million bushels of licensed storage space at our 14 elevator locations. Our facilities at Olin, Dewitt, Ryan, and Martelle are equipped with 15,000 to 30,000 bushels per hour of receiving capacity. Two locations (Galva and Sunbury) are connected with feed mills that utilize 25,000 bushels of corn per day. 
  • A direct-ship program that allows you to ship grain to local terminals. Bushels can be delivered to a number of delivery points through different freight options. The same marketing options that are available for grain hauled into our elevators are also available on direct-ship bushels. We offer multiple delivery points and can price the grain either delivered or as farm pick-up.
  • If you’re going to take full advantage of high grain prices, it helps to have a partner who can help you navigate today’s volatile grain markets.

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Sep '19 @C9U 3.6525 3.6725 3.6825 3.6375 -0.0575
Dec '19 @C9Z 3.7500 3.7700 3.7825 3.7375 -0.0575
Mar '20 @C0H 3.8750 3.8925 3.9000 3.8625 -0.0525
Sep '19 @S9U 8.6100 8.6225 8.6500 8.5825 -0.0625
Nov '19 @S9X 8.7350 8.7475 8.7775 8.7075 -0.0625
Jan '20 @S0F 8.8750 8.8850 8.9125 8.8450 -0.0600
Sep '19 @SM9U 294.8 293.5 295.2 292.1 -0.1
Oct '19 @SM9V 296.6 295.4 297.0 293.9 -0.2
Dec '19 @SM9Z 300.1 298.9 300.5 297.4 -0.2
Sep '19 @W9U 4.6800 4.6900 4.7050 4.6500 -0.0275
Dec '19 @W9Z 4.7450 4.7525 4.7675 4.7150 -0.0300
Aug '19 @LE9Q 101.250 100.600 101.750 100.600 1.325
Oct '19 @LE9V 99.500 98.925 99.925 98.700 1.450
Oct '19 @HE9V 63.325 62.325 64.425 62.150 1.325
Dec '19 @HE9Z 61.800 60.850 62.850 60.775 1.025
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John Stewart & Associates, August 9, 2019 Comments

The market is preparing for one of the biggest reports we have seen for quite some time. I have been known to say on many occasions that the most important report of each and every crop year is the January WASDE and Stocks report.

River Valley Cooperative's MarketEdge Program 

Our program is designed to provide grain producers flexible pricing programs and delivery options based on the needs of your farming operation. Utilize futures and basis contracting to support pricing opportunities on grain marketing.  

We offer transportation and logistics support for timely and cost effective delivery to market.  In addition, utilize technology services aimed to improve the communication, execution and recordkeeping of your grain marketing supported by your Grain Marketing Team.  

    • Receive emailed grain comments every morning and afternoon
    • Receive updates on government report data and market implications
    • Receive marketing bulletins and strategies


    • River Valley Cooperative mobile-friendly website ­–
    • Sign up for direct deposit of grain settlements 
    • Receive contracts electronically and access to other customized reports
    • Sign up for text alerts via your mobile phone
    • Leave a price offer or sell grain electronically through the River Valley Cooperative/DTN Offer Portal and market grain 24 hours a day

NEW! Try our Equivalent Price Calculator Tool. Plug in your data into the shaded boxes on the downloadable spreadsheet to see the price equivalent on your crops.

    • 24-hour marketing capabilities
    • First access to HTA contracting, basis programs and other marketing opportunities
    • Best market pricing
    • Delivery options including farm pick-up programs

For more information on any of our grain services, contact River Valley’s grain marketing team:

Oliver Dion - Mt Joy – Grain Merchandiser
563-285-1737 (Office)
563-299-1640 (Cell)

Kurt Kramer - Mt Joy – Grain Originator
563-285-1712 (Office)
608-732-1233 (Cell)

Kale Petersen - Mt  Joy – Strategic Customer Manager
563-285-1736 (Office)
563-357-5903 (Cell)
Bridgett Wildermuth - Mt Joy – Transportation & Grain Originator
563-285-1719 (Office)
563-370-9743 (Cell)

Scott Sallee – Galva – Grain Originator
309-932-2081 (Office)
309-853-7637 (Cell)

Phil Knuth - Olin/Martelle – Grain Originator
563-484-2341 (Office)
563-357-4835 (Cell)

Allison Ryan – Ryan – Grain Originator
563-932-2101 (Office)
563-920-3405 (Cell)