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Current customers can enjoy the ease of ordering propane online.

Propane Delivery Policies & Fees


250-gallon minimum delivery.

72-hour delivery notice. To avoid additional fees, call in at 25% or above.

A leak test must be performed on any tank 5% or under.



Delivery Fees for Out of Gas: (If 10% or less one of these fees may apply, if 5% or less one of these will be assessed)


Will Call Labor Rates:              Same Day           Same Day After Hours                         Weekend/Holiday

                                           (Includes Leak Test)      (Includes Leak Test)                        (Includes Leak Test)

Out of Gas 1st                       $125.00 per trip             $225.00 per trip                                $275.00 per trip

Out of Gas 2nd                      $175.00 per trip             $275.00 per trip                             $325.00 per trip

Out of Gas 3rd                       $225.00 per trip             $325.00 per trip                             $375.00 per trip

A letter will be mailed out after 3rd out of gas in a 12-month period stating we will discontinue service.


Delivery Fees for Non-Out of Gas:

After Hours Delivery                                                        $100.00 per trip

Weekend/Holiday                                                            $200.00 per trip

Low Percent Del. W/O 72-Hour Notice                           $65.00 per trip

Trip Fee for Non-Delivery                                               $65.00 per trip

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