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Insights and Commentary

Key points on the energy market this week: 2/22/2021

  • The arctic blast in the Southern U.S.  has shut down many refineries and has impacted the oil production by 2 to 4%.  It could take up to two weeks to restart facilities and production.  This has had a significant impact on crude pricing this last week.
  • Opec + is set to meet on 4 March where the big question will be Saudi Arabia output.  They reduced February and March daily production by 1 million bbls.  The Oil Minister is implying they will be cautious on their approach to raising production levels.
  • WTI crude has surpassed the $60 bbl threshold last week and is continuing the bullish trend coming out of the weekend.
  • Near term propane was off to the races last week but today is starting to retract due to the warmer forecasted weather.
  • Propane inventories are still at 5 year lows and continues it’s decline.  See chart below.‚Äč