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The digital platform, YieldVantage 360, provides the right tools at the right time, creating efficiencies, better communication, and profitable results. Access your River Valley Cooperative account balances, scale tickets, contracts, and invoices, from your phone or computer.

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Features | YieldVantage360

Balance Review

  • Quick overview display of unpaid balances by the due date
  • View current Regular, Prepay, or Unapplied Cash balances
  • Review statement and booking information
  • View unpaid invoices

Invoice Activity

  • Quick overview displays recent invoices and expands to view full invoice list 
  • Filter invoices by field, invoice number, counter number, and paid status
  • View invoice list and view or print PDFs

Payment Details

  • Quick overview of recent payments expands to view a complete list of payments
  • Filter payments by payment number, reference, or type

Grain Delivery Transactions

  • View grain balances, scale tickets, contracts, and paid settlements
  • Filter transactions by status, ticket number, commodity, or date range
  • Explore contracts for undelivered units, received and remaining bushels, and delivery end dates
  • Review settlement checks
  • View PDFs of grain contracts

Detailed Field Data

  • View list of fields with satellite imagery and boundaries 
  • Drill into a field to see the split arrangement and current weather conditions
  • Explore activity and application information related to any field

Request Access for YieldVantage 360

While the promise of precision agriculture is great, the reality is that solutions are often fragmented. Trust the specialists at River Valley Cooperative to help you simplify your farm records and utilize the right tools to maximize your productivity and your yield potential. 

By pulling all the pieces together, we'll help you manage your data and make YieldVantage 360 work for you. Count on River Valley Cooperative for:

  • Up-to-date balace overviews, invoices and payment details.
  • Detailed field data, including activity and application information.
  • Grain delivery transactions, view grain balances, scale tickets, contracts and paid settlements.

Interested in more information? Contact River Valley Cooperative's YieldVantage360 Specialist:

Kendra Meisgeier
Precision Ag Specialist