You can count on River Valley Cooperative to lead in offering top genetics and traits, with your profitability always in mind.

It Starts With Seed

When choosing the right hybrids and varieties for your farm, consider new trait technologies, genetics, management practices, fertility and soil types. Let us help you develop a seed strategy that will help you to reach your goals.

River Valley Cooperative is proud to offer superior genetics from leading companies including Brevant, Croplan, DEKALB/Asgrow, and NK. 

Our seed specialists at River Valley Cooperative understand how to place genetics, control insects and diseases, evaluate plant development, evaluate fertility, and recommend solutions that make you more profitable. Let us help you select the right seed for the right field to protect your potential.

Protect Your Investment

With seed treatment facilities in Iowa and Illinois, River Valley Cooperative offers a lineup of seed products that protect plants from early-season stressors. Account Managers will work with you to determine the products that best fit your operation to provide protection against disease and insect damage, while maximizing yield potential and improving root health and plant vigor.

  • Warden® CX 
  • Vibrance® Trio 
  • Saltro® 


Support From Seed Specialists

Here for Your Growing Operation
Backed with proven performance, top genetics, and a commitment to offering the industry’s best seed experience, River Valley Cooperative Seed Specialists are equipped with the tools to elevate your operation.

River Valley Cooperative provides trusted agronomic support to help increase the performance of your operation season after season. With innovative trait technology, the latest in digital tools, and comprehensive localized agronomic advice, our specialists can help ensure your fields are protected and able to reach their yield potential.
We are dedicated to delivering high-performance results to the fields and communities we serve. Count on River Valley Cooperative Seed Specialists for:

  • Portfolios of top-performing seed products
  • Varieties of seed treatment options for soybeans 
  • A wide range of test plot results from a variety of hybrids and varieties 

Contact River Valley Cooperative's Seed Specialists for product information and to place a seed order: 

Travis Sullivan
Iowa Seed Execution Lead

Mary Bergfeld
Illinois Seed Execution Lead

Bill Hensel
Illinois Seed Execution Lead

2021 Eastern Iowa Seed Guide

Our experienced team of Seed Execution Leads deliver trials, knowldge, and tools backed by the leading seed companies we represent: DEKALB, Brevant, Croplan, Asgrow and NK.

This year, we’re proud to introduce several new, high-performing corn hybrids and soybean varieties that perform well in local conditions. While we’re committed to delivering new genetics, we’re also committed to protecting them with the latest seed treatments and crop protection solutions. 

To assist in the purchasing of River Valley Cooperative products, a financing program, Advance for Inputs Powered by CFA has been created. Navigtate your seed, fertilizer and crop protection product purchases and sell your grain through River Valley Cooperative and receive 0% fixed financing on all inputs purchased until December 31, 2021. This program is designed to give you a cash flow advantage season after season.

We strongly believe our extensive line pf products will position you to have a successful 2021 growing season and harvest.

View 2021 Eastern Iowa Seed Guide