2022 Crop Tour

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2022 RVC Virtual Crop Tour  

Follow along the 2022 Iowa and Illinois Crop Tour, August 22-25 as River Valley Cooperative account managers travel across Iowa and Illinois are share their findings and photos of fields. The crop tour will provide insights into potential corn and soybean production and gathers scouting reports from corn and soybean fields across Illinois and Iowa.

To receive insights on the go, follow @RVCooperative on Twitter at  https://twitter.com/RVCooperative. and hashtag #rvc22croptour. Updates will also be available on our website www.rivervalleycoop.com.

Final Results | 2022 Crop Tour

Iowa Crop Tour Results
Across the River Valley Cooperative trade area in Iowa, 481 samples were taken and averaged. Overall, we have a good crop: 213.82 BPA average across all Iowa samples. Excellent stand counts averaged 32k.  However, there is a bit of disappointment that the crop is not the undisputed record-setting that many were hoping for. 

There is some 6-8% green snap across the area, along with some pollination issues. Not catastrophic, but certainly curtailing top-end yield. Currently using a conservative 90,000-factor index. We’ve had ideal grain fill the past couple of weeks, which will hopefully add test weight/yield (bumping closer to 85-80,000 factor index?). Time will tell…


Illinois Crop Tour Results
The Illinois River Valley Cooperative Crop Tour featured an average of more than 500 samples taken from area fields.

Yields were highly variable at times, but overall we found a record yield estimate for this region of Illinois. The stand was excellent, and in most cases, what was planted was what was still standing in the field. 

Overall, the crop appears to be very healthy across the area, and even further along than expected. Using the 90,000 dividers may end up being ultra-conservative, but that would be a wonderful problem to have across the area!


Planning for 2023
Navigating a competitive marketplace can be difficult, but take into account some of these ideas when making seed decisions. Account managers are prepared to work with individual producers to evaluate multiple factors affecting crop yield and return on investment.

1. You get what you pay for - The newest and latest and most elite genetics that are sometimes priced the highest are also the most durable products.

2. Pests love predictability - Repeated use of a control measure can spawn resistance.

3. Access discounts - Early-order discounts can help ease seed price concerns.

4. Seed treatments - Protect crops from pests and diseases and enhance early development.

As you scout fields and make plans for the 2023 crop year, ask your account manager about seed varieties that you shouldn't miss out on. 


Monday, August 22 | 



Tuesday, August 23 | 


Wednesday, August 24 | 

Jackson and Clinton counties looked pretty good overall, with lots of potential still out there. Ear counts were pretty good, however in one area east of Lost Nation and up towards Eden Valley road there were a few gaps and some green snap. No tar spot was found yet, which is good to see.  Populations were a little uneven in the rougher areas, which we saw earlier this spring when the crop was emerging. All in all, we’re on track for a great crop, looking at yields around 206-250.



Thursday, August 25 | 

































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