Protect The Potential Of Every Acre, Every Plant


Every season you have important decisions to make when it comes to choosing inputs for your crops. River Valley Cooperative provides the expertise, knowledge, equipment, and facilities to maximize your yields and is the trusted partner you can count on. 
Our agronomy account managers can assist you with: 

  • Seed, including choosing the right genetics, traits, and placement
  • Fertilizer and crop protection products
  • Custom application services
  • Precision Ag solutions to maximize productivity and yield potential

Count on our team of account managers, professional applicators, skilled mechanics, and agronomy support staff to deliver the best products and services through a network of locations in Illinois and Iowa. You can rely on us to make agronomy technology work for you, saving you time and maximizing your productivity throughout the growing season. 



We are innovating for the future to help local growers find sustainable solutions to protect vital natural resources, including soil and water. Our agronomy account managers can advise you on the benefits of cover crops like rye, oats, and tillage radishes.
After all, agronomy is not just about getting things done—it’s about doing the right things. We can help with seed, seed treatments, tissue testing, variable-rate nutrient application, custom application of crop-protection products, grid and whole-field soil sampling, field scouting, and more.


Let our experts help you navigate the fast-paced world of agronomy. We’re ready to help you:
·      Create a customized nutrient management plan.
·      Pull soil samples to assess soil fertility.
·      Scout your fields during the growing season. 
·      Provide custom applications by certified agronomy professionals. 
·      Utilize precision ag tools to maximize yield potential on every acre. 

By utilizing technology, our applicators will spray it, spread it, or knife it in with astonishing accuracy and efficiency. Ready to unlock plant potential? Contact your local River Valley Cooperative account manager to manage your acres and boost your profit potential efficiently.


When choosing the right hybrids and varieties for your farm, you need to consider new trait technologies, genetics, management practices, fertility, and soil types, among other factors. Let us help you plan a seed selection strategy that will deliver the best result based on your objectives.

River Valley Cooperative is proud to offer superior genetics from leading companies, including Asgrow/DEKALB, Croplan, Mycogen, and NK. Also, count on us for valuable, local plot data backed with expertise from experienced agronomists who understand area growers' needs. 

Our seed specialists at River Valley Cooperative understand how to place genetics, control insects and diseases, evaluate plant development, evaluate fertility, and recommend solutions that make you more profitable. Let us help you select the right seed for the right field to protect your potential.




We test a wide range of hybrids and varieties each year at plots throughout River Valley Cooperative’s trade territory to better understand which seed genetics perform best in the local area.

Click the panels for information on local test plots in Iowa and Illinois.

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2017 Results
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2011 Results


At River Valley Cooperative, we are dedicated to helping you get the most out of every acre. We believe in bringing cutting-edge technology to the growers we serve, which is why we have a dedicated precision agriculture team.

Through the use of our precision agriculture technologies and in-house specialists, we provide the data to make decisions and measure improvements on your operation. Pinpoint specific information, insight, and data to take your farm and fields to a new level of productivity.

By pulling the pieces together, we'll help you manage your data and make precision ag technology work for you. Count on River Valley Cooperative for:

  • Variable-rate, custom application of lime, nitrogen, and dry fertilizer.
  • Variable-rate seeding prescriptions for your planting equipment.
  • Mapping services, including grid soil sampling and micronutrients, yield mapping, field boundaries, tile lines, compaction mapping, GIS recordkeeping, data overlays, and more. 

Whether you’re just beginning, or you’ve been using these practices for years, look to our people, tools and knowledge to help you with your precision ag needs. 

Contact River Valley Cooperative Precision Ag Specialists:

Matt Van Sloten
Precision Ag Specialist


Kendra Meisgeier
Precision Ag Specialist

Rachael Grant
Precision Ag Specialist