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Financing the Field - RVC Finance Programs

Jun 22, 2022

River Valley Cooperative is excited to roll out 2023 financing programs. Several programs are offered, allowing customers to finance seed, fertilizer, fuel, and much more. The Cooperative Finance Association (CFA) is a financing tool used by River Valley Cooperative to help ensure that customers receive competitive interest rates and make borrowing as easy as possible.  

Two popular financing programs currently offered at River Valley Cooperative include the RVC Decision Finance program, and the Pick Your Rate program. The RVC Decision Finance program rewards loyalty and provides a competitive interest rate. This program was designed for customers who do 100% of their business with River Valley Cooperative. The Pick Your Rate plan offers the opportunity to select a few of the different areas of business within the cooperative to finance. An additional seasonal financing program will be available in the coming months as well.   

If you have any questions about River Valley Cooperative's updated financing programs, please contact our Ag Finance Director Chris Green, or your account manager. River Valley Cooperative is your partner in the field and is proud to support customers in all aspects of their operations. 

  • Chris Green  
  • Ag Finance Director & Feed Business Lead  
  • Cgreen@rivervalleycoop.com  
  • Office: 563-285-1739 | Cell: 563-340-4082 

Learn more about River Valley Cooperative financing programs on our social media platforms, and watch as Chris Green explains the programs available. 

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