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River Valley Cooperative Releases New RV Coop App

Jun 22, 2020

River Valley Cooperative is excited to announce the release of the new RV Coop app. As technology changes and evolves, River Valley Cooperative also prides itself on developing and changing along with technology. This new app offers a user-friendly experience and functionality that is beneficial for growers. 
“The new app will provide our producers with a new experience that will make doing business with River Valley Cooperative even more streamlined,” said Karolyn Kruse, Marketing Specialist at River Valley Cooperative. “We’re always working to adopt the latest technologies and advancements to make our producers’ lives easier.” 
Growers who work with River Valley Cooperative can access their account information any time of day, from anywhere. The free app features access to scale tickets, contracts, commodity balances, settlements, cash bids, and market information. Download the app here: https://bushelpowered.com/client/rv-coop/.
Growers will be able to see their scale tickets as they take place, alleviating the need to keep track of papers. Filter your tickets within your app and export them for accurate reporting. View contract status or sign contracts immediately to lock in grain prices, and check the percentage fulfilled towards those contracts. Growers will be able to review open and closed contracts at any time. View account information and give and remove access securely.
For assistance downloading the app, visit River Valley Cooperative’s website, www.rivervalleycoop.com and choose RV Coop App from the dropdown menu under the Grain tab.  You can also download the free app from the Google Play or App Store, simply search for RV Coop. 
About River Valley Cooperative
River Valley Cooperative is a full-service, member-owned cooperative that has locations in eastern Iowa and western Illinois. River Valley Cooperative offers a broad spectrum of services in Agronomy, Energy, Feed and Grain divisions. 

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