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Summer Board Election

Jun 15, 2020

Every year, the 2,800 farm business owners of River Valley Cooperative are asked to vote upon representation in our boardroom. Nine of our member-owners serve on your River Valley Cooperative board representing the rest of the owners. Board members from Iowa include Nick Novak, Brent Daufeldt, Neal Keppy, Joe Sperfslage, and Jim VonMuenster. Illinois board members are Brian Corkill, Randy Haars, Doug Nelson, and Ken Nelson.

Each year, three of these board seats are up for election to a three-year term. This year, the seats served by Ken Nelson of Altona, Neal Keppy of Eldridge, and Doug Nelson of Lynn Center are up for election. All
have have expressed a desire to serve another term, if elected.

A nominating committee of four Class A members chaired by Jim VonMuenster will be identifying other potential candidates to run for these seats. If you are a Class A member of River Valley Cooperative and would like to consider being a candidate for the River Valley Cooperative board, please contact Jim VonMuenster at 563-320-2453 or Tim Burress at 563-320-1403 by July 15.

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