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Boosting Plant Health Can Improve Yield Potential

Jun 01, 2020

Across the Midwest, the majority of producers have their seed in the ground and their planters tucked away. As seeds begin to emerge, we’re left to wonder about the challenges the 2020 growing season will encounter. Rely on data and your trusted River Valley Cooperative account managers to determine the best course of action to protect plant health. 
Tour Your Fields
Spend time scouting fields early and often, especially if environmental conditions are favorable for the development of disease. Generally, fields see the best return on investment when applying a fungicide at tasseling. However, if disease begins to creep in, an application at the V5 growth stage can protect plants until tasseling.  Fungicide products from BASF provide disease protection and increase plant viability and health.
Headline Amp Fungicide
Headline Amp provides key plant health benefits including disease control, stress tolerance and growth efficiency, which work together to optimize production in corn plants.
  • Consistent plant health benefits in all environmental conditions with or without the presence of disease.
  • Highest yielding fungicide in its class.
  • Strong disease prevention and control.
  • Reduced plant stress and greater photosynthesis.
Veltyma Fungicide
Veltyma Fungicide provides excellent control of major corn disease including gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, tar spot and southern rust. 
  • Faster fungicide uptake by the plant, leading to immediate disease-protective action.
  • Wide application window up to two weeks prior to tassel.
  • Residual inner leaf deposits for consistent redistribution.
Priaxor Fungicide
Priaxor fungicide provides plant health benefits and increases the plant’s efficiency. 
  • Most consistent positive yield response for the highest ROI.
  • Decreased stress and increased photosynthesis of plant health for increased yields.
  • Strong disease control and prevention to protect your investment.
Your local River Valley Cooperative account manager is here to help recommend the right fungicide and partner products based on your hybrids and field conditions. Equipped with previous season’s data and response-to-fungicide scores, our account managers are here for you. 
Always read and follow label directions. 

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