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Lock-In Propane Pricing for 20/21

Mar 17, 2020

Now Offering Propane Prices for 2020/2021
Were You Concerned About A Propane Shortage This Past Fall?
  • Lock in your propane needs today for Fall 20/21 and protect yourself from volatile markets. 
  • Historically, the winter months have proven to be the best time to price propane. 
  • For more information on pricing in your area, contact our Energy Department!
Lock-In a No Money Down Contract
  • Leverage a No-Money Down Contract against the volatile propane market by locking in your fall needs TODAY!
  • This year, we have also added the option to purchase Downside Protection. For a small fee, customers can lock in a new, lower price if the price drops.
  • Call to lock-in pricing for 2020 & 2021 and enjoy the convenience of propane delivered directly to your home or farm.
River Valley Keeps You Running
As your trusted supplier of propane, River Valley Cooperative positions itself year after year to contract and deliver propane just as promised. Even during times of market volatility when other competitors experienced a shortage, River Valley Cooperative made the investments to keep our customer's grain dryers running, hog buildings heated, and their home heating propane tanks filled. 

The energy division of River Valley Cooperative offers the fuels to keep your home warm and your business moving forward. Choose from a variety of contract options and payment plans to keep your business running smoothly. 

We Deliver Energy Solutions
River Valley Cooperative offers customers a piece of mind. Choose from a variety of contract options and payment plans to keep your business running smoothly. 

Take advantage of our flexible billing options that best fit your needs. 

Our tank monitoring system eliminates variables by keeping us updated with the current level of your propane tank, making routing and deliveries more predictable and efficient while protecting against runouts. 

Safety checks are conducted by trained propane professionals which include an inspection of all components of your propane system.
Contact Your River Valley Cooperative Associate to Book Propane Today!

Devin Sires  
Regional Sales Manager
319-213-2944 (Cell) 

Kale Petersen  
Mt  Joy – Strategic Customer Manager
563-285-1736 (Office)
563-357-5903 (Cell)

Kurt Kramer
Mt Joy – Grain Originator
563-285-1712 (Office)
608-732-1233 (Cell)
Bridgett Wildermuth  
Mt Joy – Transportation & Grain Originator
563-285-1719 (Office)
563-370-9743 (Cell)

Gretchen Nollman
Mt Joy – Grain Originator
563-285-1738 (Office)
309-714-0688 (Cell)

Kayla Tebbe  
Strategic Customer Manager
563-219-5835 (Cell)

Scott Sallee
Galva – Grain Originator
309-932-2081 (Office)
309-853-7637 (Cell)

Phil Knuth
Olin/Martelle – Grain Originator
563-484-2341 (Office)
563-357-4835 (Cell)

Allison Ryan  
Ryan – Grain Originator
563-932-2101 (Office)
563-920-3405 (Cell)

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