On the Ground Year Round Video Series

RVC Table Talk | Episode 4
RVC Table Talk | Episode 4

2/14/2020 6:22:10 PM

πŸ—£In our latest episode of Table Talk, special guest, Craig Patty, makes an appearance to visit about the Whole Acre Approach! 🌽 As you gear up for spring, learn how River Valley Cooperative can help you fine-tune your plant health management plan for 2020! Visit: www.rivervalleycoop.com to learn more! #bootsontheground #plant20...


RVC Table Talk | Episode 3

1/28/2020 6:33:53 PM

What snow? Listen in as Matt VanSloten and Travis Sullivan talk about nitrogen management for 2020, and how the Field Forecasting Tool provides insight and makes managing fields simpler....

On the Ground: Fertilizer and Hybrid Selection

8/21/2019 8:50:43 PM

🌱 As we approach harvest, Kirk Dosland, Agronomy Account Manager, discusses the advantages of creating a nutrition plan for each field and evaluating the decisions made throughout the current growing season.  🌟 To achieve the goals you set for your field, develop farm specific plans by taking into account the grid soil samples, seed genetics, weather and population. Determine the changes you can make to increase yields and raise profits....

On the Ground: Soil Sampling

8/7/2019 8:34:59 PM

🌱 Watch as Matt VanSloten, Precision Ag Specialist, and Dylan Davidson, host and Precision Ag Specialist, discuss soil sampling and preparing for the upcoming fall harvest. 🌱 Soil sampling is a critical piece in understanding the composition of your fields. Testing for organic matter, pH levels, p&k, and micros can help agronomists to tailor fertilizer recommendations to the needs of your soil. 🌱 As harvest nears, Matt and Dylan also advise taking a look at the technology components you have in your machines. Take time now to update software, clear data from the previous year, or set-up technology if you have added a new machine to your operation....

On the Ground: Prevent Plant

6/5/2019 2:39:13 PM

As 2019 continues to unfold it’s proving to be a year like no other. In this video installment of β€˜On the Ground,’ Kendra Keitzer, Account Manager, and Dylan Davidson, Precision Ag Specialist, dive into a discussion on prevent plant and aspects to consider. + If contemplating planting, take into account growing degree units, maturities, and shorter season hybrids. + When penciling out options, River Valley Cooperative Account Managers can help to determine your fertilizer cost per acre. + Before making your prevent plant determination, discuss your options with your crop insurance agent....