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Minimize the Yield Gap

Mar 09, 2020

Utilize In-Season Measurements
Give your seed and crop input investments a stronger chance with the Field Forecasting Tool (FFT), an in-season management tool.

FFT helps users recognize the yield potential of their fields, as well as determine which applications can be made (water, nitrogen and/or potassium) to help capture those “opportunity bushels and increase field ROI.

Predicted yield is modeled based off what the user has entered for applications on the field, along with stressors factored in. GAP yield is the most important number to focus on and includes the “opportunity bushels” still available to be captured during the current growing season.

Learn how we can help you capture the "opportunity bushels" by using the Field Forecasting Tool.
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Putting the R7® Field Forecasting Tool to Work
The R7® Field Forecasting Tool is a web-based crop modeling offering that uses field-specific information, as well as data from the Answer Plot Program and NutriSolutions 360 system to simulate daily crop growth and development.

Utilize the tool on your farm to:

  • Predictively determine optimal timing and rates for nutrient application to drive higher yields.
  • Manage Irrigation Options
  • Run scenarios to gauge ROI potential
  • Talk about your field’s potential maximum and predicted yields, as well as, yield gap and yield loss.
  • Capitalize on quality data

Learn More About FFT
Drive higher yields in 2020 with the Field Forecasting Tool. 
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