Healthy Crop Hedge

At River Valley Cooperative, we want to help you raise a healthy crop and sell the bushels produced at a profitable return. The Healthy Crop Hedge program offers savings on in-season fungicide application or reduced hedge-to-arrive fees.  


Participate in Healthy Crop Hedge in Two Ways:


Reduced Fungicide Application Fee

Growers enrolled in the program will benefit from a reduced fungicide  application fee in exchange for a grain commitment from those acres. 

Reduced Hedge-to-Arrive Fee

Receive substantially reduced Hedge-to-Arrive fees on the bushels committed to the program from the acres enrolled.

Growers can work with the River Valley Cooperative Grain Origination team to sell their bushels to a River Valley location or their favorite approved end user location.

Contact your local River Valley Cooperative Agronomy Account Manager or Grain Originator to learn more about the Healthy Crop Hedge program.


Grain Originator Contact Information:

Kale Petersen - Mt. Joy

Kurt Kramer - Mt. Joy

Bridgett Wildermuth - Mt. Joy

Mike Moellenbeck - Mt. Joy

Oliver Dion

Scott Sallee - Galva


Phil Knuth - Olin/Martelle


Allison Ryan - Ryan