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If you’re going to take full advantage of high grain prices, it helps to have a partner who can help you navigate today’s volatile grain markets.

Count on River Valley Cooperative for basis contracts, minimum price contracts, hedge-to-arrive contracts, price-later contracts, priced-forward contracts, deferred payment contracts, direct deposit of grain checks, grain hauling services, and grain market insights.

River Valley provides two grain delivery options for marketing your grain, including:

  • More than 27 million bushels of licensed storage space at our 14 elevator locations. Our facilities at Olin, Dewitt, Ryan, and Martelle are equipped with 15,000 to 30,000 bushels per hour of receiving capacity. Two locations (Galva and Sunbury) are connected with feed mills that utilize 25,000 bushels of corn per day. 
  • A direct-ship program that allows you to ship grain to local terminals. Bushels can be delivered to a number of delivery points through different freight options. The same marketing options that are available for grain hauled into our elevators are also available on direct-ship bushels. We offer multiple delivery points and can price the grain either delivered or as farm pick-up.
  • If you’re going to take full advantage of high grain prices, it helps to have a partner who can help you navigate today’s volatile grain markets.

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Symbol Last Open Close High Low Change
Mar '19 @C9H 3.7525 3.7475 3.7525 3.7775 3.7450 -0.0025
May '19 @C9K 3.8450 3.8350 3.8450 3.8650 3.8325 0.0025
Jul '19 @C9N 3.9250 3.9125 3.9250 3.9425 3.9125 0.0025
Mar '19 @S9H 9.1025 9.1025 9.1025 9.1475 9.0750 -0.0075
May '19 @S9K 9.2375 9.2350 9.2375 9.2800 9.2075 -0.0050
Jul '19 @S9N 9.3725 9.3675 9.3725 9.4125 9.3400 -0.0025
Mar '19 @SM9H 305.6 305.9 305.6 307.4 304.9 -0.3
May '19 @SM9K 309.4 309.8 309.4 311.2 308.7 -0.4
Jul '19 @SM9N 313.2 313.8 313.2 315.2 312.7 -0.6
Mar '19 @W9H 4.8675 4.8850 4.8675 4.9300 4.8450 0.0025
May '19 @W9K 4.9175 4.9300 4.9175 4.9750 4.8875 0.0075
Feb '19 @LE9G 128.675 127.700 128.675 128.750 127.675 1.050
Apr '19 @LE9J 128.875 128.650 128.875 129.125 128.200 0.275
Apr '19 @HE9J 55.450 55.600 55.450 56.600 55.225 -0.500
May '19 @HE9K 65.475 65.700 65.475 66.275 65.300 -0.325
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Select Pricing Program Bi-Weekly Updates
John Stewart & Associates, February 8, 2019 Comments

Today’s USDA report was much like the State of the Union Address earlier this week.  It was delayed due the government shutdown and had a certain amount of emotion building up to the event.  However, once the event finally arrived we all realized nothing had changed and went on about our day…
Other than minor tweaks the report today did very little to change the mostly sideways direction of grains and oilseeds markets here in the US.  The market will now focus on yield data coming out of South America and the progress or lack thereof on the US-China trade war.  From a fundamental standpoint we have very little news coming in the next 60 days to move this market.  Spring acreage shifts will be a topic for debate but until we get a little closer to the end of March it will simply be rhetoric.  The market mover with the most potential in the short term is headlines related to the agreement or truce between the US and China.  US agriculture has the potential to be a big winner if the result of these negotiations are China buys more US ag goods regardless of whether it is a sign of good faith or that they have a fundamental need.  Their demand potential in the coming decade from China could be the catalyst US farmers and ranchers have been looking for.  However, this is big unknown as the possibility remains that a breakdown in the talks with the Chinese could occur as well which would be bearish.  The short term price outlook for corn, soybeans, and wheat truly is tied to the prevailing headlines regarding the positive or negative momentum on the US/Chinese trade war and tariffs.
JSA Select Program Update:
To be honest we anticipated doing a little hedging today with orders layered up 5-10c in corn and soybeans.  
For our old crop corn summer delivery period we remain 20% sold at $4.09 with 10c of equity gained from previous trades.  Our goal remains something just above $4 to add to coverage.  The high today was 3.97 so this is not a significant move we are looking for.
We have 40% sold in CZ9 corn in the 2 year program which was signed up for last year and felt it appropriate to do the same in the 1 year program if given the opportunity today which did not happen.  We still look for a sideways trade in the near term with re-ownership strategies coming around 3.90 CZ9 and additional sales in the $4.10 area.  For the winter and summer delivery programs we are targeting the $4.15 Mar20 area and $4.25 Jul20 area to initiate our first hedges.
In soybeans we remain 100% sold for old crop and 60% sold for new crop in our year 2 program.  Our targets fall hedges remain near $9.70 for fall SX9 and just below $10.00 for winter and summer.
The winter wheat program has seen most of the upside play out in the basis markets as opposed to futures which has made adding to futures sales difficult.  We continue to be positive wheat looking for a move for July futures towards 5.50.
The attachments to this e-mail reflect the old crop program as well as the 2 year program signed up for last year.  Recently signed up bushels will have their own update but as of now no activity has been made. 
Thank you,
Brian Burke
John Stewart & Associates

River Valley Cooperative's MarketEdge Program 

Our program is designed to provide grain producers flexible pricing programs and delivery options based on the needs of your farming operation. Utilize futures and basis contracting to support pricing opportunities on grain marketing.  

We offer transportation and logistics support for timely and cost effective delivery to market.  In addition, utilize technology services aimed to improve the communication, execution and recordkeeping of your grain marketing supported by your Grain Marketing Team.  

    • Receive emailed grain comments every morning and afternoon
    • Receive updates on government report data and market implications
    • Receive marketing bulletins and strategies


    • River Valley Cooperative mobile-friendly website ­–
    • Sign up for direct deposit of grain settlements 
    • Receive contracts electronically and access to other customized reports
    • Sign up for text alerts via your mobile phone
    • Leave a price offer or sell grain electronically through the River Valley Cooperative/DTN Offer Portal and market grain 24 hours a day

NEW! Try our Equivalent Price Calculator Tool. Plug in your data into the shaded boxes on the downloadable spreadsheet to see the price equivalent on your crops.

    • 24-hour marketing capabilities
    • First access to HTA contracting, basis programs and other marketing opportunities
    • Best market pricing
    • Delivery options including farm pick-up programs

For more information on any of our grain services, contact River Valley’s grain marketing team:

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309-932-2081 ext. 223

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