River Valley Cooperative Celebrates National Co-op Month

River Valley Cooperative is celebrating National Cooperative Month in October, along with 40,000 other cooperative businesses serving more than 120 million people nationwide. “Cooperatives Commit” is the theme of this year’s celebration, when cooperatives across the nation engage in efforts to make more people aware of the advantages of the cooperative business model.

Cooperatives are member-owned and member-controlled businesses committed to meeting the needs of their members and communities.    

At River Valley Cooperative, we commit in many ways to meeting the needs of our members and building stronger communities. In 2017 River Valley Cooperative had annual earnings of $5.1 million, with $1.5 million in Qualified Preferred stock being paid to its members. This amount represents a 100% payout of the 2017 qualified dividends. Those dollars circulate close to home, helping to strengthen our local economy.

Consider other ways that co-ops commit:   

Cooperatives Commit to Community
The seventh cooperative principle is Concern for Community. Cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities through employee involvement in local organizations, through charitable contributions to community efforts and through support for our area ag youth.

Cooperatives Commit to Jobs
Cooperatives generate jobs in their communities. River Valley Cooperative employs over 350 full-time employees and an additional 100 seasonal employees in the spring and fall. Cooperatives keep profits local and pay local taxes to help support community services. Cooperatives often take part in community improvement programs, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to benefit from the cooperative experience.

Cooperatives Commit to Trust
Most co-ops strive to adhere to seven key cooperative principles, which combine to help build trust between the co-op, its members and the community. For example, the first principle is Voluntary and Open Membership, which means that we are a voluntary organization open to all people to use our services and willing to accept the responsibility of membership. The second principle, Democratic Member Control, gives members a voice in the cooperative’s policies and decisions. Through the fifth principle, Education, Training and Information, we enable members to contribute to the development of our cooperative.

Cooperatives Commit to a Better World
Through all of the above ways, cooperatives build a better world.

Our Mission Statement

River Valley Cooperative is dedicated to delivering personalized services and expert solutions that enhance and ensure the long-term viability of our customer-owners, employees and communities.