Precision Ag

Make Precision Decisions Pay Off

While the promise of precision agriculture is great, the reality is that solutions are often fragmented. Trust the specialists at River Valley Cooperative to help you find the right precision ag tools to maximize your productivity and your yield potential. 

By pulling all the pieces together, we'll help you manage your data and make precision ag technology work for you. Count on River Valley for: 

  • Variable-rate, custom application of lime, nitrogen, and dry fertilizer.
  • Variable-rate seeding prescriptions for your planting equipment.
  • Mapping services, including grid soil sampling and micronutrients, yield mapping, field boundaries, tile lines, compaction mapping, GIS recordkeeping, data overlays, and more. 

Need more information? Contact River Valley's Precision Ag Specialists:

Kevin Frank, Precision Ag Specialist

Matt Van Sloten, Precision Ag Specialist

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