Energy Safety

24-HOUR PROPANE EMERGENCY: (563) 357-0816

Safety is job-one at River Valley Cooperative, and your safety is our energy department’s top priority.  

If you suspect a gas leak:

  • Turn off gas supply at tank immediately
  • Do not turn light switches on or off
  • Do not use the telephone.
  • Open all windows and doors
  • Evacuate the area
  • Call your River Valley LP supplier at 563-357-0816
  • Stay out of building until service professional arrives

Install a propane gas detector

Did you know you may not always smell a gas leak? Some people, especially the elderly, are unable to detect the scent of gas. Colds, allergies, sinus congestion, tobacco, alcohol, and some prescription medications may diminish your sense of smell, as well.

Cooking odors or other strong odors may also mask the smell of a gas leak. On rare occasions, odor fade occurs. Propane gas loses its distinctive odor when it comes in contact with contaminants.

To keep you safe, we encourage you to install a propane gas detector, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Contact your River Valley energy specialist if you have more questions:

In Iowa Call: 
563-785-4808 or 800-730-2838

In Illinois Call:
309-944-4616 or 800-359-4312

Or email us by clicking the following link: CONTACT US


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