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Protecting Against Propane Shortages And Peak Prices

by Kayla Tebbe, Senior Energy Account Manager

As we all get anxious for spring weather, fall corn drying and winter weather are the last things we want to think about. Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about your propane needs for next fall and winter. Getting your propane contracted early will help reduce the risk associated with inventory and supply fluctuations which translate into price volatility.

Propane supply and pricing markets can be full of surprises. Swinging prices and supply chain issues have the reality of leaving your operation at risk for supply outages and price spikes. Factors such as pipeline failure, heavy grain drying season, low temperatures and increased exports all impact supply and price.

To avoid the unpleasant choice of either emptying your wallet on high-priced propane or going without, you should closely review contracting options and discuss various scenarios where a contracting program can benefit your operation.

Contracts can provide a justifiable steady price for propane year-round. Our propane contract payment programs allow flexibility in choosing a plan that fits your needs. Contracting will also ensure a dependable supply of propane when you need it most.

We offer a variety of risk management options for propane, diesel fuels and gasoline. Contracts reduce the risk of severe budget changes and will help you effectively plan and budget energy costs. Contracting will also ensure a dependable supply of energy throughout the year.

River Valley Cooperative is committed to providing risk management options, competitive prices and safety recommendations to bring you a consistent, worry-free fueling option. Give us a call today and we can help you determine the right contracting program or have our team of propane service professionals review safety concerns for your operation.

Thanks, as always, for your business. Be safe this spring!

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